Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower

Puri Centric Pty Ltd is a complete one stop shop for innovative chemical cooling water treatment programs, products, and equipment to minimize operating costs and preserve costly equipment. Our treatments addresses, control of scale, corrosion, deposition, and biological fouling.


Specific technologies and products include:

  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Products
  • Biodispersants and Biocides
  • Closed Loop Treatments
  • Antifoams and Cleaners
  • Sidestream Filters and Makeup Water Softeners
  • Cooling Towers and Complete Cooling Tower Systems
  • Chemical Feed and Dosage Control Systems

With our water

You are assured of

Purified water of the highest quality- all the time. The components are assembled in the USA, under the strictest specifications, tailored to suit South African conditions, and have passed rigid International standards.You’ll notice it with your first taste of Puri Water — absolutely fresh, crisp and great tasting. With Puri Water, QUALITY is an absolute imperative.

We utilize only

The highest quality materials, stringent manufacturing standards, and strictest quality control measures. We are committed to innovation, constantly studying ever-changing needs to create products and services responsive to the demand of consumers. These advances are truly what makes Puri Water a winner.

We surpass the standards of

SAB Quality Bottled Water using the latest state-of-the-art purification technology. With Puri Water, you are assured of purified water of the highest quality — all the time. Our source water is refined into a pollutant and contaminant free product using purely non-chemical processes.

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