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PURI CENTRIC  provides a complete offering of products to address all water treatment applications from point of entry to point of use . PURI CENTRIC uses a variety of water purification technologies. At PURI CENTRIC, we offer extensive technical and customer support. From applications engineering to technical on-site troubleshooting, when you purchase PURI CENTRIC products, you can trust that we are just a phone call. 

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The benefits of pure water

What Is Pure Water?

It is simply H2O – two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. That’s it. Not H2O plus chemicals, metals, particulate, mineral salts, bacteria or any other contaminants. Unfortunately, today it is virtually impossible to find “pure” water in its natural state anywhere on our planet.

Why Rather Chose Today To Drink Pure Water?

Water is an essential ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, yet it is often the most neglected. Doctors recommend we drink 6-8 glasses of water per day for optimum health, but this is often difficult when you don’t like the taste of you water or are concerned about its quality. It is not difficult to understand why drinking water is so important when we realize that nearly 70% of our body weight is made up of water. Practically every living cell in the body depends on water to carry out our essential functions. Water cleanses the body, flushes vital organs and encourages a feeling of well-being. It is important that a minute reduction of water (4-5%) will result in a decline of 20-30% in work performance. It makes sense that with all the important functions that water has in the body, the quality of water you drink can radically affect your health. That is why it is vitally important that you drink only the best available water.

The Procedures We Take Purify Your Water

Puri Water Drinking Water is a product that utilizes only the highest quality materials, stringent manufacturing standards, and strictest quality control measures. The source water is refined into a pollutant and contaminant – free product using the latest state-of-the-art-purification technology. It goes through a series of microfiltration to remove suspended solids and other particulates. It is then passed via activated carbon absorption refinement for removal of undesirable tastes, odor, color, and other organic substances. Then it is hyper filtered in to pure water molecules through Reverse Osmosis. To maintain this pure aseptic state, the product undergoes closed loop re-circulating Ultra Violet Irradiation and Ozone Diffusion for final decontamination. Crystal Clear’s process surpasses the current South African standards of bottled water. We use the best proven technologies to produce healthy great tasting water that is made fresh daily.

What we Offer

Installation Services
Services: We provide a complete offering of products to address all water treatment applications from point of entry to point of use including:

  • Membrane Filtration
  • Media Filtration
  • Ion Exchange
  • Water Disinfection
Repairs & Maintenace Services
Our technicians possess expertise knowledge within the water industry with the capability to service,maintain & or repair water purification plants, cooling tower water treatments and boiler treatment plants.
Water Analysis
Puri Centric offers a SANAS approved  full water & bacteria analysis from any source. The results of a water analysis assists us in guaranteeing our recommendation.
Site Visits & Recommendation Services
We recommend site visits before installation as to determine the scope of work.

Latest Completed Projects

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